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You Will Enjoy Higher Scoring Games, With Bid-Tips on every hand and Your Partner the Professor.

Some say they are scoring 35% Higher.

With BID-TIPS, developed by 2X Natl Spades Champion, Novice Players Play like Seasoned Players and Seasoned Players Play Like Pros.

Just PENNIES to Play Any Day.
Multiple Daily Winners and Weekly Winners Get Their Choice of Gift Cards FROM Airline and Hotels to Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes, Target, Wal-Mart and over a dozen more.

spades SkillSpades Top Features


Players Win Their Choice of Gift Cards Everyday in Both Traditional Play Tournament & High-Octane. Prize Choices include: Air Travel, Hotel, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Dinning Out, and your selection of many, many others.


Traditional Play is the standard the world around. You are likely to enjoy higher scoring than before because your Partner, Prof ProSmart™ may be the best partner you’ve ever played with.

High-Octane Transforms players into more daring and aggressive player. All rule and playing are standard, Except, when you set the opponents, YOU GET THEIR Bid Score Added to Yours.

  • Play FREE
  • Traditional & High Octane Modes
  • Compete in High-Score Daily and Weekly Competitions for Cash Cards
  • First Game(s) are on Us
  • Bid Tips provided and SMART AI behind the Professor=Higher Scores and More Wins
  • Playable across iOS devices
  • Professor ProSmart is your Virtual SMART Partner every time!
  • Play Your Way EveryDay-Pennies can bring you Cash Rewards