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SkillSpades is Changing the World of Spades. Changing by Adding Real Fun and Excitement to the delightful traditional game played around the world. The Additional Fun is achieved by changing nothing about the structure, BUT ADDING A COMBINATION OF EXTRAS THAT ARE FOUND NO PLACE ELSE.

First . Every time you play Skill Spades, you are partnered with the Professor, who is smart to the very core and plays like a Pro a 2X National Spades Champion designed him. Professor ProSmart your Spades-Smart-to-the-Core Partner, is committed to providing you the best partner game play yet. You bid Nil, he supports you! He Bids Nil, he makes it. Opponents underbid, he piles on the bags. Your game only gets better and better!

Next. You will get Bid-Tips at the beginning of each hand. These were also designed by 2X Nat’l Spade Champion. They enable in-experienced players to play like seasoned players and seasoned Players to play like Pros.

Third. Multiple Daily and Weekly High Score Cash Gift Cards. Pennies to enter and you can win Vacation Flights, Rooms and Gift Cards from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and over a dozen others which you choose from.

Fourth. Skill Spades randomly and continually offers players Free Games for the Cash Prize Tournaments

Fifth is the New & Really Exciting. “High Octane” Play. High Octane turns traditional Spades into a very aggressive competition that highly rewards “Risk-Taking”. In “High Octane” when you set the opponents you get their Bid Amount added to your Score. Getting Scores of 130 to 200+ hands become your goal. Daily and weekly tournaments are held in “Traditional Play” and “High-Octane” You can go all the way playing both ways.

All Skill Spades Games are 5 Hands.

Play for Really Rewarding Prizes for pennies a game.




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You Will Enjoy Higher Scoring Games, With Bid-Tips on every hand and Your Partner the Professor.

Some say they are scoring 35% Higher.

With BID-TIPS, developed by 2X Natl Spades Champion, Novice Players Play like Seasoned Players and Seasoned Players Play Like Pros.

Just PENNIES to Play Any Day.
Multiple Daily Winners and Weekly Winners Get Their Choice of Gift Cards FROM Airline and Hotels to Best Buy, Amazon, iTunes, Target, Wal-Mart and over a dozen more.