spades Meet Professor ProSmart

Professsor ProSmart

Introducing Professor ProSmart™, Your Partner. Every time you play SkillSpades, you are playing with the Professor,  Smart to the very core and plays like a Pro—what every Spades player needs in this popular Partner game.

You bid Nil, he supports you! Opponents underbid, he piles on the bags. Your game only gets better and better when your Partner responds and plays the way he has been developed to.

Skill Spades™—studiously developed to provide a new standard in game play and player success through the intelligence of your Spades partner, Professor ProSmart™.




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You Will Enjoy Higher Scoring Games, With Bid-Tips on every hand and Your Partner the Professor.

Some say they are scoring 35% Higher.

With BID-TIPS, developed by 2X Natl Spades Champion, Novice Players Play like Seasoned Players and Seasoned Players Play Like Pros.

Just PENNIES to Play Any Day.
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